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silva cells

Silva Cells

Here is something a little different that we do. Silva Cells.

Silva Cells are rigid frames that support hard surfaces such as parking lots or sidewalks, but they keep soil loose which prevents soil from getting compacted around tree roots allowing them to grow and provide space for irrigation systems and utilities.

The Silva Cells also serves as stormwater run off storage. The Silva cells are filled with a loose soil of many ingredients, compost matter, potassium, magnesium. The bio-retention soil serves as a filter for pollutants and also stores the water to water the trees.

Permeable pavers, sidewalks, and parking lots can be placed on the Silva Cell system. They really are a neat thing, and we are excited to be part of the first Silva Cell systems installed in Lincoln.

We have installed Silva Cells at Centennial Mall, Pinnacle Bank Arena and Love Library on UNL Campus. The largest was Love Library, 16 silva cells were installed.

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